'Bring Your Own Mic' Online Concert Series feat. Scott Nolan & Glenn Buhr
The West End Cultural Centre

Scott Nolan

Glenn Buhr

$2.00 - $80.00
'Bring Your Own Mic' Online Concert Series featuring Scott Nolan/Glenn Buhr & Friends - Saturday, August 22nd at 7pm

Here are two seekers. They each, differently, with singular focus, deep-dive into their obsessions with music.

One of the countless, interesting aspects of this unusual and maybe inevitable friendship is their individual, lifelong relationship with suburbs, the back lanes and single-car garages, that back-door entry into art-making. And their skepticism, their highly disciplined resistance to discipline. And a talent for deep listening – to music, yes, and to the sonar reading, an acoustic location of oneself in deep waters.

They speak quite different musical languages, Glenn and Scott. The connection seems to be in the heart of what they bring to play. I really love their hearts.

- novelist/playwright, Margaret Sweatman

The Nolan/Buhr Band

Scott Nolan - Vocals / Guitar / Piano

Glenn Buhr - Vocals / Piano / Guitar / Arrangements

Paul Balcain - Saxophone

Gillis Fournier - Bass

Joanna Miller - Drums / Percussion / Vocals

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